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What it is:
Metal Detox Oil, is a lightweight protective oil designed for clients seeking multi-dimensional hair protection. This innovative product delivers defense against color fading, heat, and metals, providing you and your clients with the means to shield hair both in the salon and between salon services.


What It Does:

Powered by Metal Detox’s breakthrough molecule, glicoamine, the Metal Detox Oil ensures:

Hair Protection: Achieve an impressive 97% reduction in breakage.

Color & Anti-Metal Protection: Experience 100% true-to-tone, long-lasting color.

Frizz Protection: Enjoy 4X less frizz for a smoother finish.

Heat Protection: Benefit from up to 450 degrees of heat protection, with 2X more shine compared to unwashed hair.

Conditioning Benefits: Receive 2X more conditioning than with a non-conditioning shampoo.


What Else You Need to Know:

• Suitable for all hair types, both thinner and thicker hair formations, without weighing the hair down.

• Inspired by skincare, Metal Detox Oil features a luxurious serum-like smooth texture.


How to:

• Gently warm 1 or 2 pumps in your palms and distribute evenly on towel-dried hair or focus on mid-lengths and ends after blow-drying.

• For optimal results, apply 1-2 pumps across the entire head. Do not rinse.

• Use as often as desired, generly requiring only 1-2 pumps for the entire head.


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