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What It Is:

Scalp Wellness shampoo is a gentle yet powerful sulfate-free multifunctional surfactant technology—an alternative wellness solution to harsh scalp medication treatments.


What It Does:

• Addresses scalp flaking, itching, and irritation induced by irritants commonly found in traditional shampoos.

• Soothes and calms an irritated scalp, providing relief from discomfort.

• Normalizes exfoliation, distinguishing itself from tar-based "scalp" shampoos that suppress this natural process.

• Acts as a protective shield, preventing hair from the effects of waterborne elements that can worsen scalp conditions.

• Offers a gentle wellness system suitable for daily use, presenting a kinder alternative to harsh and irritating products.


What Else You Need to Know:

• 100% Vegan

• Cruelty-Free

• Proudly Made in the USA

• Formulated without: Gluten, Parabens, Sulfates

How to:
Suitable for use with every wash.

Gently massage into hair, paying special attention to the scalp.
Thoroughly rinse for a refreshing finish.
Repeat as desired for consistent results.


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